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Why a Port Coquitlam family opened a food truck — making meat skewers, waffles

Kyle Li and Yoyu Situ have been working on a food truck business since 2020, now they are cooking up a storm in Lions Park in downtown Port Coquitlam.

Port Coquitlam's new food truck program couldn't have started at a better time for this local couple.

Kyle li and his wife, Yoyo Situ, had already started building their mobile restaurant business called S for Skewer when they heard about the city's new initiative.

Beginning in July, city-approved food trucks started showing up at Lions Park and S for Skewer joined up to be one of the offerings.

What's a skewer you ask?

Think chunks of chicken, beef and lamb all sauced up and cooked on a stick.

While the city's Summer Food Truck Weekends was to end Saturday, Sept. 30, the city has agreed to extend the program into October, if the weather cooperates and food trucks are interested, the Tri-City News was told.

"I am pleased that this exciting initiative will continue for the next couple of weekends in October. So as long as the weather cooperates and the food trucks continue to be interested, the program will continue," stated Mayor Brad West in an email.

S for Skewer will continue to operate and will be at Lions Park from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday and Monday, Oct 1 and 2.

Li said he and Situ moved to Port Coquitlam in July of 2017 and while they don't have a restaurant background were interested in finding a way to get into the business.

"Cooking is really special to my wife and it really makes her day when people like her food. The main reason for us starting a food truck is my wife does not want to just be a housewife and stayhome mom," Li explained.

"She really wants to have her own business and to do something she likes everyday. I believed that she had the talent so I supported her all the way. "

It turns out it was the right choice for the duo as Li's work was slow after COVID-19 and the food truck business is helping the family "in every way."

A brother-in-law also works at the food truck; "We feel great to have everyone in the family working together," Li said.

Here's what's on offer:

  • Lamb, beef and chicken skewer
  • Cold noodles
  • Bubble waffles
  • Fried sausage
  • Veggie box, including potatoes, corn, squash, tofu, cauliflower and egg plant
  • Pop, water

So far, the food truck appears to be a hit, especially with the little ones, who like the waffles. Follow S for Skewers on Instagram and Facebook.

Food trucks interested in this program can apply online at