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PoCo man acts as a go-between for desperate families

A pro wrestling promoter for 15 years, Dave Teixeira of Port Coquitlam is using his Japanese wrestling connections and his home computer to make a cottage industry of reuniting loved ones caught in the earthquake in Japan with their friends and famil

Arrest in PoMo

A man wanted on a raft of outstanding warrants stemming from a violent break and enter in 2008 is in Port Moody Police Department custody following a joint takedown with the Municipal Integrated Emergency Response Team.

Avoid identity theft with free document shredding - BBB

Shredding is the safest way to get rid of sensitive documents and the Better Business Bureau is poised to help people avoid identity theft.

This was the Big One that Metro Van isn't ready for: Coq. man in Japan

Coquitlam realtor Kevin Byrne was knocked to the ground but thought nothing of it when the earth started shaking six floors below his room at the Star Hotel in Yokohama, Japan. He got up and turned on the TV.

Tax time primer: 11 things families should know

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a number of benefits, credits, and services to help families meet their financial obligations throughout the year, reduce the amount they owe at tax time, and provide them with convenient online options.

New Port Coquitlam business helps out KidSport

While Thrift-Opolis in Port Coquitlam may not have much in the way of merchandise that is suitable for the youth of the Tri-Cities, the owners Hal Merritt and Vanda Cooper are working to ensure that their new store will provide opportunities for kids

Province boosts SD43 education grant to pay for full-day kindergarten

School District 43 will have about $5 million more to spend next year in operating grants but the cash infusion will go to full-day kindergarten, not extra programs.

Mosque sprayed with racist graffiti

Neighbours of the Masjid Al-Hidayah and Islamic Cultural Centre are reeling after racist graffiti was scrawled across the front of the Port Coquitlam mosque Wednesday night.

They want a home of their own - to burn

Training exercises for Port Coquitlam firefighters could get a lot more intense if the city is able to come up with the money necessary to buy a live fire burn building.

Coquitlam harnessing the earth's heat

A Coquitlam homeowner and a city business made history this week, becoming the first in North America to install a state-of-the-art "green" snow-melting system at a private home.