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Letter: Pay parking at Belcarra Regional Park is 'a disgrace' because of two-tier system it creates

Parking creates a two-tier system because low-income residents may not be able to use the park because of the extra costs, letter writer says
Some residents are unhappy with pay parking that was recently introduced at Belcarra Regional Park.


Re: Pay parking at Belcarra Regional Park starts April 1 — no joke Tri-City News

Pay parking at Belcarra Regional Park has created a two tier user system. 

Many people cannot afford to spend $12 for a picnic at the park.

For 100 over years people have been enjoying this area with no parking fee. Now, with inflation and COVID-19 making life a challenge for many, and with the government suggesting we spend more time local and outdoors, they decide to implement a pay to park initiative, under the guise of traffic control.

We pay plenty to have use of these parks with our personal taxes.

Discouraging park use with an additional fee is a disgrace, and creates a system where only the wealthy can enjoy time at the park. 

Chris Whelan, Port Coquitlam