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EDITORIAL: Big changes in Austin Heights

It's one thing to come up with a plan for densifying a traditional neighbourhood such as Coquitlam's Austin Heights and another thing entirely to bring it to fruition.

Oh no, not another federal election

The Editor, So once again we are going to the polls.

Shame on PoCo council for its raise

The Editor, Last July, Port Coquitlam council implemented a new pay policy for our mayor and councillors. This policy, among other things, states on Jan.

Tri-City civic officials 'arrogant' with taxpayers' money

The Editor, Re. "Let's talk dollars & cents" (Letters, The Tri-City News, March 30). I agree unequivocally with opinions in the letters by Murray Clare and D. Pederson.

Keep your eye on your cats and keep them safe

The Editor, I'm sure most people feel like me: elated that spring has finally arrived. But I'm also dreading the yearly influx of unspayed or unneutered cats, with no identification, into my yard. I've already seen at least three.

Heritage homes get some breaks, too

The Editor Re: "Heritage is pricey" (Opinion, The Tri-City News, March 30). Yes, it can cost a lot of money to upgrade a house, whether it is a heritage house or a 40-year-old bungalow. But guess what? Many people do it.

NELSON: Judgmental words are just not Canadian

FACE TO FACE: 'Tom-ay-to' or 'tom-ah-to'? 'Barbaric' or 'absolutely unacceptable'? Justin Trudeau doesn't think our Canadian Immigration Handbook should use the word "barbaric" to describe "honour killings, female genital mutilations, forced marriage

O'NEILL: There's no room for 'verbal baby food' in Canada's morality

FACE TO FACE: 'Tom-ay-to' or 'tom-ah-to'? 'Barbaric' or 'absolutely unacceptable'? The federal government's new citizenship guide warns newcomers to this country that customs such as "honour killings" and female genital mutilation are considered "bar

A Port Moody political poem

The Editor, Re. "Blue for a green reason" (The Tri-City News, March 25). As a federal election looms, can it be true Councillor-PC candidate Diana Dilworth scores a coup As Port Moody city hall trees are turned Tory blue? Jim Peacock, Port Moody

Austin Heights plans present dangers to local businesses

To Editor, Re. " Towering concerns" (The Tri-City News, March 30). I am glad Coquitlam city council has deferred the decision on the draft Austin Heights Neighbourhood Plan.