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EDITORIAL: Do we really need an election now?

Canadian voters may not be ready to go to the polls for the third national election campaign in five years but they will - some of them, anyway - on May 2.

COLUMN: Let's get personal but, first, let's get real

There's a new educational movement on the forefront in B.C. and it looks exciting.

Metro Van has to get sustainable with its growth plans

The Editor, Re: "Coquitlam council rejects growth plan" (The Tri-City News, March 23).

Heritage is pricey

It's not cheap to save a heritage home in the Tri-Cities. Anyone with the dream of saving a lovely older house from the wreckers needs a large line of credit or a lottery win.

Let's talk dollars & cents

PUBLIC UNIONS The Editor, Re. "Are public-sector unions the problem in government finances?" (Face to Face, The Tri-City News, March 25).

When will RCH expansion get approval?

The Editor, It comes as no surprise that the emergency department physicians and nurses at Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH) recently decided to enlist the adjacent Tim Hortons.

Conservative quick off the mark with election advertising

The Editor Wow! The Conservative candidate for New Westminster-Coquitlam, Diana Dilworth, was quick off the starting block for the next federal election. She must be clairvoyant.

NELSON: The working man isn't the problem

FACE TO FACE: Are public-sector unions the problem in government finances? So, those public sector unions have finally managed to spoil the American economy, what with their unreasonable salary demands, cushy benefit packages and bloated pensions.

He's positive about negative story

The Editor, Re. "Turning thousands of negatives into a positive" (The Tri-City News, March 16). So that's the story behind that sign.

O'NEILL: It's time to get tough with public sector unions

FACE TO FACE: Are public-sector unions the problem in government finances? Wisconsin is best known for Milwaukee's beer, Green Bay's Packers and the state's artery-clogging cheese. But let's not stop there.