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COLUMN: When disaster strikes, do you need to see it?

We have been inundated over the past week with images, stories and concerns about the earthquake and its effects in Japan. It is common to hear people passionately engaged in conversation about the latest developments there.

Metro Vancouver directors' pay is too high

The Editor, Re. "$644 a day is plenty" (The Tri-City News, March 18). I refer to the story regarding the stipend that municipal officials receive for attending Metro Vancouver meetings.

Spend Canadians' tax money where it matters

The Editor, To Steven Harper, Prime Minister of Canada: Like many Canadians working or retired, I feel disgusted with your government's spending our hard-earned tax money when we could use more to make ends meet and enjoy life in our great country.

YORKE: The view from far away: We're all shook up

One week ago, an epic, magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean near northeastern Japan at around 2:46 p.m. local time.

Take politics out of the poverty debate in B.C.

Editor, Re. "Time to enrich the poverty debate - with facts" (BC Views, The Tri-City News, March 9).

EDITORIAL: BC Hydro's meter plan is power smart

Many British Columbians will be wondering why BC Hydro is rolling out fancy new smart meters at a time when electricity rates are projected to rise 50% over the next five years.

Use B.C. carbon tax to pay for more transit in the suburbs

The Editor, It seems obvious to me but maybe someone should enlighten us as to why the provincial carbon tax doesn't seem to be paying for SkyTrain expansion, something desperately needed to get commuters out of their cars and ease the Lower Mainland

What's Premier Clark's message to Tri-City MLAs?

The Editor, Premier Christy Clark's new list of cabinet ministers and provincial secretaries could be interpreted as reducing the influence of the Tri-Cities in any cabinet or near cabinet deliberations.

Cities must take action on wood smoke

The Editor, Re. "Wood smoke is on city agendas" (Tri-City News, March 11). Municipalities are to take over where Metro left off with controlling wood smoke.

EDITORIAL: Coquitlam's sporting chance

It's time for a little friendly competition for the lucrative sports tourism dollar.