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EDITORIAL: Premier's waiting game on byelections is a disgrace

The guessing game continues as to when Premier Christy Clark will call a byelection in Port Moody-Coquitlam to replace former Liberal MLA Iain Black, who left the post Oct. 1 for a CEO position with the Vancouver Board of Trade.

COLUMN: TransLink can cut costs starting with transit cops

As Metro Vancouver mayors and the B.C. government consider giving TransLink up to two dozen new taxation tools, it is becoming clear that there are problems within the transit authority.

Fletcher column is what indoctrination looks like

The Editor, Re. "BCTF and the indoctrination of our children" (BC Views, The Tri-City News, March 7). I have to admit, I was almost fooled by Tom Fletcher's column last Wednesday. When I read how outraged he was by the way B.C.

Thanks for help with lost cellphone

The Editor, I would like to recognize a very helpful and kind lady who lives in your community. I did not think at the time to get her address to be able to send a much appreciated thank you.

Canadians ignore French - and history - at their peril

The Editor, Re. "Price too high to help too few" (Face to Face, The Tri-City News, March 9). In the latest Face to Face, columnist Andy Radia uses so-called research from the right-wing Fraser Institute to justify dropping bilingualism.

Coquitlam teacher doesn't want pay for larger classes

The Editor, Re. "Cooler heads unlikely to prevail in B.C. teachers dispute" (Opinion, The Tri-City News, March 7). Those who support Bill 22 and attack teachers can't argue beyond the issue of money.

NELSON: Bilingualism is where Canada's famous tolerance starts

FACE TO FACE: Does bilingualism work in Canada? Support for biculturalism in Canada doesn't come cheap. My colleague has parsimoniously pointed out the cost of operating in two official languages.

RADIA: Official bilingualism costs taxpayers too much for too little

FACE TO FACE: Does bilingualism work in Canada? It seems former prime minister Pierre Trudeau had two objectives when it came to his policy of official bilingualism.

Problem is, pooches poo and nip people

The Editor, Re. "Is enough being done to control pooches and their poo ?" (Face to Face, The Tri-City News, March 2). When I read this Face to Face, I immediately felt the need to respond.

Perhaps Christy Clark needs tutoring

The Editor As a learner-support teacher, one of my goals is to increase my students' receptive and expressive vocabularies.