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Columnist's green writings are Golds-en

The Editor, To Green Scene columnist Elaine Golds ( right ): Congratulations. Your articles about the environment are so in-depth. You keep us informed about the past, the present and the future. My admiration goes far beyond what words can say. F.

EDITORIAL: Helping hands for the homeless

Congratulations to homeless advocates who are thinking outside of the box.

Signs of the times

The Editor, Port Moody: great gag but your forgot to take down the signs after April Fool's Day! I like the way you guys think. Making Gatensbury hill a bike route? It's a classic "gotcha.

Good luck is not an easy thing to acquire

I've been waiting for some luck to hit me. Perhaps luck will come my way if I win big from a 649 Quick Pick lottery ticket or I'll just randomly come across a free bag of money or jewels that has fallen off a pirate ship.

Development was the real concern

The Editor, It may seem that Coquitlam council is a champion for challenging Metro Vancouver on the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) but let's go back to over a year ago when council's main request was to remove the Westwood Plateau golf course, severa

FACE TO FACE: Don't end women's rights

Ducks Unlimited is an organization dedicated to defending the marshland habitat of wild ducks.

FACE TO FACE: Not a natural situation

Once upon a time, there was a people - an entire country, moreover - that professed a great love of all things natural. Except, that is, for one of the most important natural processes of all.

WHAT WE THINK: Sensible idea

Transit must be convenient, accessible, affordable and frequent if suburbanites are going to get out of their cars and use it.

EDITORIAL: ICBC can spare some change for transit

More pain at the pump is imminent, as the regional mayors' council has decided the way to finance TransLink's long-awaited Evergreen Line to Coquitlam is to ding motorists an extra two cents per litre when they fuel up.

Port Coquitlam should get an Evergreen Line station

The Editor, It's extremely heartening to read that a transportation consultant will assess Port Coquitlam as a prime location for extending the Evergreen Line eastward.