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Tri-Cities community must come together to feed hungry kids

The Editor, Re. "1,000 school-age kids going hungry" (The Tri-City News, Sept. 6).

Problems with arguments about Trudeau's pot usage

The Editor, Re. "Is it a big deal that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau smoked pot?" (Face to Face, The Tri-City News, Sept. 6). While Face to Face columnist Andy Radia raises some good points, I couldn't agree more with columnist Jim Nelson .

Many thanks to Coquitlam city workers

The Editor, Kudos to our city's workers. Thanks to the clerical, planning, engineering and inspecting staff who helped my husband and I as we constructed an addition to our house over a series of years. Their information and advice was invaluable.

RADIA: The potential prime minister on pot? No way

FACE TO FACE: Is it a big deal that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau smoked pot? I n the past, I've used this space to write in favour of legalization of marijuana.

Make Sochi the Rainbow Olympics

The Editor, Russian legislation now effectively bans any public display of support or even mere acceptance of so-called "non-traditional" sexuality.

NELSON: Honourable stoner dudes won't have the drive to get elected

FACE TO FACE: Is it a big deal that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau smoked pot? A ndy, Andy, Andy. The instrument has not been invented that could measure my indifference to Justin Trudeau's marijuana usage .

EDITORIAL: Coquitlam district learned some tough lessons last year

Classrooms weren't the only places where lessons were delivered last year and School District 43 may just be better for it. The board room at the Coquitlam district office on Poirier Street was another place where more than a few lessons were taught.

From St. John's to PoCo, thanks to those who helped a family in need

The Editor, On Aug. 5, while vacationing in Newfoundland, our two sons, aged 16 and 14 years, were in a serious boating accident. They sustained serious injuries, were in critical condition and hospitalized for three and a half weeks.

Yes, reopen Riverview Hospital to help the mentally ill

The Editor, Re. "Reopen R'view" (The Tri-City News, Aug. 28). It's very good to see Riverview Hospital in the news lately.

Not more taxes but less expensive transit lines

The Editor, Re. "Advocates push an extra 0.5% TransLink sales tax" (The Tri-City News, Aug. 28). The notion that a regional 0.5% sales tax increase will solve TransLink's financial ills is naive in the extreme.
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