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PoCo shouldn't bow to business 'special interests' on tax gap

The Editor, Re. "Close taxation gap, says mayor" (The Tri-City News, May 4). Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore wants to discuss the imbalance between residential and business taxes.

Speak up on future of Eagle Ridge Hospital

The Editor, Frequently, it seems, we hear bad news about patient experiences in some B.C. hospitals. Our family knows something about this personally.

NELSON: Affordable tuition is a cause worth fighting for in Quebec and B.C.

FACE TO FACE: Do Quebec university students' protests make sense? B oy, are we mad at those students in Quebec. As usual, whenever anyone protests anything, we focus on disparaging everything except what they're actually lathered about.

RADIA: Quebec student protesters should get a job and get a clue

FACE TO FACE: Do Quebec university students' protests make sense? H ere we go again. Akin to the Occupy protests of last summer, we have a small group of punks from the entitlement generation disrupting the lives of the hard-working majority.

Earth needs our help every day, says PoCo mom

The Editor, Back in March, three of our neighbours' children and my three children, all aged from four to eight years, teamed up with me to clean up around the creek near our house.

B.C. teachers need our respect and support

The Editor, To volunteer one's services and energy to any of the various charities and other causes identified across our society is a noble endeavour.

NELSON: The BC Liberal 2000s were the real Dark Decade


RADIA: Numbers tell the story of NDP's '90s 'reign of terror'

FACE TO FACE: Should B.C. voters look back on the NDP 1990s in fear? I had to chuckle the other day hearing NDP leader Adrian Dix try to defend his government's record of the 1990s. In a radio interview, Dix bragged that B.C.

Time to rethink high school grad excesses

The Editor, Re. "A big gamble" (Opinion, The Tri-City News, April 25). B.C. teachers' contract dispute is a great opportunity to take a sober second look at some "traditional" school activities - graduation parties, for example.

EDITORIAL: Can you handle interest rate increases?

Brace yourself: Interest rates could be on their way up if the economy improves as expected and inflation threatens to inch up.