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No respect for business owners

The Editor, While the Evergreen Line is being built, merchants on North Road have lost their parking. Any loss of revenue of this nature would have been disastrous for us, had it happened while we were in business.

Why were able-bodied in handicapped zones?

The Editor, During the holiday season it was obvious that the parking facilities at all shopping areas were almost full to capacity.

EDITORIAL: Cold, hard facts

If you got through the holiday season without getting a cold or the flu, count yourself lucky. This is flu season and many people are ending up sick and even in hospital.

COLUMN: A minor issue with B.C.'s new pub rules

I don't have children. That wasn't by design. But then, my lack of offspring hasn't left a gaping hole in my life, either. It just is.

Booze at the farmers' markets?

The Editor, Those of us that shop at local farmers markets welcome the chance to buy products that don't have GST and PST added on to the product's cost as well as not being issued a sales receipt.

RADIA: Remarks were poorly worded

L et's face it: politics is a tough way to make a living. Our MLAs and MPs constantly have microphones and cameras shoved into their faces and are expected to come up with learned responses to virtually any topic.

EDITORIAL: Climbing costs

Positioned west of the toll bridges and close to the Evergreen Line, homes in the Tri-Cities will become increasingly desirable in the coming years.

BC Thermal should be upgraded

The Editor I worked at Burrard for over 35 years. Unlike many independent power producers (IPP), Burrard Thermal can deliver firm power on demand any time of the year, making it ideal for peak loads and emergencies.

NELSON: Statement shows true Tory thinking

M inister of Industry and Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam MP James Moore's pre-Christmas gaffe showed what conservatives think of the poor - and it was horrendously timed.

2 views on new route

The Editor, "I'm New to the Neighbourhood," announced TransLink's clever and noticeable flyer for the new Route 188 between Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam stations.
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