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RADIA: Conservatives show good economic policy on strikes

FACE TO FACE: Is the Stephen Harper Conservative government anti-labour? I'm pleased to see the Conservative government putting our nation's economic interests ahead of the demands of a relatively few disgruntled union workers.

EDITORIAL: Hunger & help

Numbers of homeless people are down but food bank use is up dramatically. What should politicians and policy makers do with this information? Past experience has found that nothing will change unless people make a big stink.

Coquitlam council must control city's bureaucracy

The Editor, Among the Coquitlam council incumbents, who really deserves to be re-elected? That we are overtaxed and city staff overpaid is well documented.

Only time can bring closure to a grieving family

The Editor, Re. "Limits would help with closure" (Face to Face, The Tri-City News, Oct. 28).

EDITORIAL: What's a frill in city spending?

There is no danger of a Tea-Party style taxpayer revolt in Canada - at least for now.

RADIA: Community and survivors are served by roadside memorials

FACE TO FACE: Should roadside shrines to the dead be allowed? Communities across North America are facing increasing pressures to regulate roadside memorials. There are some, like my colleague opposite, who think they are an eyesore and distraction.

NELSON: Time limits would help those grieving achieve closure

FACE TO FACE: Should roadside shrines to the dead be allowed? Isupport the limiting of the ubiquitous roadside shrines we erect in memory of those who died at a particular intersection or on a certain stretch of highway.

EDITORIAL: Be quake-ready

Last week, more than 530,000 British Columbians practised "Drop, Cover and Hold On" techniques, simulating the proper behaviour in an earthquake. While it's hard to know how many Tri-City residents participated in the ShakeOut B.C. simulation on Oct.

Council, city managers to blame for rising costs

The Editor, Re. "Taxes, union stance make vote decision" (Letters, The Tri-City News, Oct. 21).

Cross these candidates of off the list

The Editor, Re. "Labour group releases its list of endorsed candidates" (front page, The Tri-City News, Oct. 21). Thanks so much to The Tri-City News for your as usual stellar and detailed coverage of the local elections.