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RADIA: Too high a price for 'our' royals

Iapplaud the federal Liberals for having the guts to debate the merits of the monarchy at their national convention in Ottawa this past weekend.

Roads fine, not Canada Posties

The Editor, City of Coquitlam crews have done a great job of plowing our road this week, which has been bare and clear much of the time. But we've not received a speck of mail delivery from Canada Post and neither have the rest of our neighbours.

NELSON: A small price to pay for tradition

Ilike the Queen. I like the Canadian coat of arms. I like that we call things "Crown" land and "Crown" prosecutors, the "Queen's" Printer and the "Royal Canadian" this and that.

EDITORIAL: Take a hike?

Thank goodness for Martin Crilly, TransLink's independent regulator. He may be a bean counter but he's the only thing that stands between transit users and fare hikes planned for 2013.

Turn down the pipeline

The Editor Re. "Welcome to the anthropocene? And what is it?" (Green Scene, The Tri-City News, Jan. 13). Elaine Golds' column was timely as hearings commenced in northwestern B.C. on the proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline.

FLETCHER: Controversial Enbridge pipeline won't happen

After following the opening phase of the National Energy Board's hearings on the Northern Gateway oil pipeline proposal, I have a prediction: B.C. will never see this pipeline. And that's probably the best outcome.

Bears just want to den

The Editor Re. "3 bears killed as they denned in PoCo backyard" (The Tri-City News, Jan. 13).

NELSON: Justice, not entertainment, is needed in B.C. courts

Premier Christy Clark has instructed Crown prosecutors to televise the trials of alleged Stanley Cup rioters. This is just this kind of flighty fiat that is making British Columbians of all stripes apprehensive about this premier's style.

RADIA: Cameras in courtroom won't harm justice

Here we are in 2012 with a justice system that still doesn't allow cameras or recording devices in the courtroom.

EDITORIAL: Keep your hands free, your driving safe

Thousands of drivers are finding out that texting, emailing and talking on cellphones doesn't pay. These are the 46,000 B.C. drivers who got hit with $167 fines for fiddling with their phones while driving.