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Coquitlam mayor is out of touch

The Editor, Re. "Promises, promises" (front page, The Tri-City News , Dec. 7). Two articles reported two city mayors' inaugural speeches. One mayor talks about high taxes and empathizing with taxpayers reaching their tipping point.

NELSON: Respect the international ref and follow the rules

FACE TO FACE: Should Canada bow out of the United Nations? Each game of the recent Rugby World Cup saw 30 gentlemanly ruffians in the most violent of human interplay, tightly monitored and controlled by one referee, whose whistles and admonitions the

RADIA: Canada's beliefs conflict of those of United Nations

FACE TO FACE: Should Canada bow out of the United Nations? The British government has recently decided to defund four United Nations agencies and put three others on notice that they could face the same fate unless they improve their performance.

EDITORIAL: Sally Ann's bells help those in need

Salvation Army kettles are as much a Christmas tradition as carols, greeting cards and gifts. Every year, these plastic orbs appear outside shopping malls across the land, accompanied by hopeful greeters ringing bells.

Conservatives abandon Kyoto and blame Liberals

The Editor, With the Durban climate-change talks upon us, federal Environment Minister Peter Kent is recycling tired, old Stephen Harper myths about holding out for a "global plan" that includes all major greenhouse-gas emitters, such as India and Ch

EDITORIAL: Changes are needed to B.C. students' report cards

Paper report cards could become a thing of the past and the teachers' job action is showing us how.

TransLink's NightBus serves late-night revellers in Vancouver

The Editor, Re. "Improved transit would keep drunks off roa ds" (Face to Face, The Tri-City News, Dec. 2) . There's no reasonable argument that drinking and driving is connected to the level of transit services.

Industry stewardship key solution to waste in B.C.

The Editor, Re. "Cities question package recycling plan" ( The Recycling Council of BC would like to clarify some information published in Jeff Nagel's Nov. 24 article.

NELSON: Improved transit would keep drunks off roads

FACE TO FACE: Should drinking-and-driving rules be made even tougher? Most of us already have zero tolerance for drunk driving - but how do we best reduce its occurrence? Although it pains me, I must admit the recent BC Liberal impaired driving legis

RADIA: Zero tolerance for drinking and driving would save lives

FACE TO FACE: Should drinking-and-driving rules be made even tougher? Over a year ago, the BC Liberal government introduced new drunk driving laws that, at the time, were the toughest in the country.