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O'NEILL: Canadians voted with their heads

FACE TO FACE: Oh, about that federal election...

YORKE: Longing for a simpler life - and more storage

One hundred pounds. I arrived in this country about three years ago with one hundred pounds of stuff in two suitcases. Fast-forward to today and I can hardly fit my stuff into a five-by-12-foot storage facility packed to the ceiling.

EDITORIAL: Youth vote not yet strong

In honour of Youth Week this week, it's timely to consider whether the vaunted youth vote made as big a splash in Monday's election as many media pundits predicted. The simple answer is: not likely.

6-year-old knows PoMo fire hall decision is wrong

The Editor, Re. "Hall of a change" (The Tri-City News, April 29). On the Port Moody fire hall referendum voting day, I took my six-year-old daughter with me to the polling station.

EDITORIAL: Bye, bye blue boxes

Make it easy for people to recycle and they will. That's the lesson to be learned from a survey of waste diversion rates published by Metro Vancouver that showed Port Moody and Port Coquitlam at the front of the pack when it comes to recycling.

Disappointed in PoMo fire hall decision

The Editor, Re. " Hall of a change " (The Tri-City News, April 29). I am disappointed with the decision by Port Moody city council last week to ignore the results of the referendum on a new fire hall.

Iranian groups clarify info on all-candidates meeting

The Editor, Re. "Moore, Kim no shows at all-candidates' meeting" (The Tri-City News, April 27).

Apathy won in Port Moody fire hall decision

The Editor, Re. "Hall of a change" (The Tri-City News, April 29). Interesting. In its wisdom, Port Moody council has decided that the voice of the apathetic majority is stronger than the voice of democracy.

City should have planned better for fire hall

The Editor, Re. "Hall of a change" (The Tri-City News, April 29). I find it astonishing that after more than a year of planning, at the last minute Port Moody council decided to defeat the bylaw to borrow money to build a new fire hall.

O'NEILL: With criminals in jail, we're all safer

FACE TO FACE: Is 'getting tough on crime' a useful approach for our country? My colleague on the other side of the page has developed the habit of bashing, blaming or otherwise bandying about the name of the United States as a way of adding some grav