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EDITORIAL: Coquitlam pesticide ban is necessary

Coquitlam gardeners and weed-free lawn fans will have to think twice before spraying pesticides.

EDITORIAL: Development prompts discussion in Maillardville

The timing of the Newgen Real Estate Development Inc. office building couldn't be better as the community of Maillardville gets together to talk about its future.

Saving for retirement is important but so is living

The Editor, As a paramedic, I have seen life, I have seen death and everything in between. Lately, I have been looking at the obituaries.

Port Moody council showed LEED-ership on fire hall

The Editor, Re. "Green concerns over PM fire hall" and "PM pondering 6.74% tax hike" (The Tri-City News) Feb. 17.

RADIA: Victim of bullies backs Pink Shirt Day

FACE TO FACE: Is Pink Shirt Day a worthwhile and helpful way to battle bullying? Five years ago, when then-broadcaster Christy Clark and Port Coquitlam's Dave Teixeira started Pink Shirt Day in British Columbia, I was thrilled.

NELSON: Pink Shirt Day is about bullying the bullies

FACE TO FACE: Is Pink Shirt Day a worthwhile and helpful way to battle bullying? The annual Pink Shirt Day extravaganza is coming soon. Pink Shirt Day is such an easy sell. Its simplicity appeals to us: "Bullying Stops Here.

COLUMN: A new, stitch-free view of 'universal' health care

I 'm writing to shed some light - and perhaps, a "tier" or two - on a subject that I've been examining a little too closely.

Anger at testimony

The Editor, Re. "'Boundaries' were problem for Plehanov" (The Tri-City News, Feb. 15). Each time I read another article about Aleksandr Plehanov, my blood boils.

EDITORIAL: Should Coquitlam consider year-round schooling?

Vancouver School Board is considering year-round schooling, with pilot schools to start eliminating the long summer break and replacing it with more frequent but shorter breaks.

History repeats

The Editor, Re. "BCPSEA offers 'correction' on Bill 28 ruling" (Letters, The Tri-City News, Feb. 10).