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PoCo water and sewer charges unfair for condo owners

The Editor, I have been complaining to the city of Port Coquitlam for two years now, but to no avail. This year, as a single senior living in a one-bedroom apartment and on a fixed income, I was charged $614 for my water and sewer rates.

Dog park and Glen Park too close to elementary school

The Editor, As longtime residents of Coquitlam and parents to two young children, we are quite concerned with the city's Glen Park project.

BC Liberals' coalition is showing signs of strain

The Editor, After more than a decade in government, the BC Liberal Party, a coalition of former Social Credit, Conservative and, well, Liberal supporters, is showing the strain.

RADIA: Israel shares Canada's values so we support it

FACE TO FACE: Is the Harper government's stance on Israel the right one? All previous Canadian governments have supported Israel's legitimacy, security and right to self-defence.

NELSON: Stephen Harper takes a hawkish, American-like stance on Israel

FACE TO FACE: Is the Harper government's stance on Israel the right one? Prime Minister Stephen Harper has finally brought the far-right flock together with his rabid, unconditional support for Israel.

Coquitlam bylaw won't stop poachers

The Editor, Re. "Guns vs. bows as council splits" (The Tri-City News, March 28). At council in committee on March 26, Coquitlam council received a staff report on the new firearm and bow discharge bylaw .

Check for fare evaders on TransLink buses, too

The Editor, Re. "Cops better than faregates will be" (Letters, The Tri-City News, March 21). It's too late to complain about faregates now that they are being installed in many SkyTrain stations.

EDITORIAL: Cycling is gaining momentum in Tri-Cities

Cyclists are gaining momentum in Metro Vancouver - and not just when zooming down the region's ample supply of hills.

EDITORIAL: Pantsuit on fire: BC Liberals and the truth about Evergreen

Premier Christy Clark is quickly expending her stock of credibility in her take-no-prisoners approach to the byelection battle in Port Moody-Coquitlam.

In a democracy, people pay for the greater good

The Editor, Re. "Drivers just keep paying for others to ride transit" (Letters, The Tri-City News, March 23).