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EDITORIAL: Prepare and drive safely

The return of shorter days and snow warnings is already upon us. Yet many people persistently ignore the change of seasons. These are the folks who insist on wearing shorts with sneakers all year around and disdain winter coats in favour of hoodies.

Do your homework and vote

The Editor, On Nov. 13, a leaflet was dropped through my mail slot recommending one of the mayoralty candidates, along with six names underneath for the available councillor spots in the Nov. 19 civic election.

You can cast fewer votes - but why would you?

The Editor, On Saturday in Coquitlam, I get to cast one ballot for mayor, eight for city councillor and four for school trustee. Being a typical North American, it may be asking too much of me to make 13 decisions all at once.

What about wards in Port Moody?

The Editor, A letter to Port Moody mayoralty candidates: Recently, the city of Port Moody advertised in community newspapers for volunteer applicants for a number of city committees.

EDITORIAL: Vote carefully on Saturday

They've been lightly grilled at all candidates meetings, roasted on the doorstep and on Saturday, more than 60 candidates will be served up to Tri-City voters on a silver platter.

Port Moody financial reports come up short

The Editor, Since The Tri-City News published my previous letter ("Has province's charter failed?," Oct.

RADIA: Another 364 days of remembrance, please

FACE TO FACE: Does Canada sufficiently honour those who have served? It's great to see large numbers of Canadians flock to their local cenotaphs each Remembrance Day to honour our fallen soldiers. It's a shame, however, that it only lasts one day.

NELSON: Quiet contemplation is how Canadians remember

FACE TO FACE: Does Canada sufficiently honour those who have served? On a frosty Nov. 11 at 11 a.m., the referee blew his whistle and stopped the soccer game. I was 15. We all looked to the portly official for an explanation.

YORKE: An apple vs. M&M's, the field vs. the factory

Iam an urban construction. Distant to me is the world of the pastoral, the sight of stars in the night sky. No, these sights are no longer in my view. The natural, the call of birds, has been replaced with the sound of sirens and car horns.

Anmore dad is no impostor - or so he says

The Editor, I recently received an email message from my son's middle school requesting that I provide "missing" documentation in order that the school get provincial funding for teaching him.