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NELSON: Time limits would help those grieving achieve closure

FACE TO FACE: Should roadside shrines to the dead be allowed? Isupport the limiting of the ubiquitous roadside shrines we erect in memory of those who died at a particular intersection or on a certain stretch of highway.

EDITORIAL: Be quake-ready

Last week, more than 530,000 British Columbians practised "Drop, Cover and Hold On" techniques, simulating the proper behaviour in an earthquake. While it's hard to know how many Tri-City residents participated in the ShakeOut B.C. simulation on Oct.

Council, city managers to blame for rising costs

The Editor, Re. "Taxes, union stance make vote decision" (Letters, The Tri-City News, Oct. 21).

Cross these candidates of off the list

The Editor, Re. "Labour group releases its list of endorsed candidates" (front page, The Tri-City News, Oct. 21). Thanks so much to The Tri-City News for your as usual stellar and detailed coverage of the local elections.

EDITORIAL: The silly season of civic elections

We find ourselves once again in the midst of the silly season, the five-week period that takes place in autumn every three years when your friends and neighbours shill for votes in an effort to win a seat on council or school board, or, in the case o

RADIA: Canada helps those in need

FACE TO FACE: Do the Occupy protesters have legitimate gripes in Canada? One thing that is evident from the media coverage of the Occupy protests is that protesters can't seem to agree on what they're protesting about.

NELSON: The gap between rich and poor keeps getting wider

FACE TO FACE: Do the Occupy protesters have legitimate gripes in Canada? The 1950s and '60s sitcom Leave it to Beaver depicted the trivial travails of an American one-income family.

Letter is an insult to Burke Mountain Naturalists

The Editor Re. "Agriculture in park?" (Letters, The Tri-City News, Oct. 14).

Port Mann park? A silly idea

The Editor, Re. " A park runs over it: Rethinking the Port Mann Bridge demolition" Turning the Port Mann bridge into a park is one of the silliest ideas ever.

EDITORIAL: Do your election homework

With three mayoralty races, a few seats left open by incumbents bowing out and a wide range of candidates, from youthful newcomers to seniors, the Nov. 19 civic elections in the Tri-Cities should be among the more interesting in the province.