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COLUMN: Metro Vancouver should narrow its focus

By Jordan Bateman What was once a simple sewer, water and garbage disposal utility has become a bureaucratic, democratically unaccountable spending machine. It's time to move the Metro Vancouver Regional District back to basics.

RADIA: A great way to track time

W hat's your favourite thing about the PNE? In preparation for this week's column, I put that question to several of my friends and colleagues. While most of them mentioned a ride or an attraction, one friend came back with a somewhat obscure answer.

NELSON: Summer ends with the PNE

T he PNE: the punctuation of the dog days of an idyllic Vancouver summer; warm memories of youthful pilgrimages. The rides, the midway, the roller coaster, the buildings, the barns, the barkers, the huge map of B.C.

Save Riverview grounds

The Editor, The Riverview Hospital grounds are historic sites and must be preserved. In this context, the heritage conversation is a must not an option.

Pot thought

The Editor, Regarding your Aug. 1 editorial, not only should medical marijuana be made available to patients in need, but adult recreational use should be regulated.

Master plan for ERH "great"

The Editor, Wow! The news from the latest update meeting on the master concept plan being developed for Eagle Ridge Hospital through the partnership of Fraser Health Authority and the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation is, to say the least, good - perha

EDITORIAL: Olympians do well

Remarkably, the Tri-Cities was represented by no fewer than six athletes at the recent 2012 London Olympics. More incredibly, three of those went on to win medals.

RADIA: P3s are a valuable and necessary tool for government

FACE TO FACE: Are P3s a good way to build public infrastructure projects? L ast month, the federal government and the city of Coquitlam announced a public-private partnership to build an extra Evergreen Line station.

Cyclists, stick to your lanes, please

The Editor, A recent letter to the editor about bicycles has prompted me to add my opinion. While cycling is a great, healthy sport, I think it's time cyclists learned to ride within the dedicated cycle lanes.

NELSON: P3s are good.. for hiding government debt

FACE TO FACE: Are P3s a good way to build public infrastructure projects? W hen we need a new bridge or hospital, it sounds comforting to know that it will be built through a public-private partnership, or P3 .
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