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B.C. government lays roadblocks to adult education

The Editor, Re. "Trustee to ask for red tape relief" (The Tri-City News, April 15).

O'NEILL: Christian roots are democratic roots

FACE TO FACE: Should Canada formally recognize Easter's Christian roots? What have I done? I challenged my colleague this week to a debate on whether Canada - as a society and as a country - should do more to celebrate the contribution the Christian

COLUMN: Justice Denied: Court crisis is an election issue

Health care. Education. The Harmonized Sales Tax. There's no shortage of hot-button issues clamouring for government attention as a possible provincial election looms.

EDITORIAL: The HST race is on

B.C. taxpayers can soon expect a full-court press on the pros and cons of the harmonized sales tax.

You get what you don't vote for

The Editor, Re. "PoMo voters - a few of them - OK borrowing $" (The Tri-City News, April 20). I read with dismay the results of the Port Moody fire hall referendum. Regardless of where a citizen stands on the issue, 9.

EDITORIAL: A 'net loss for education

It's nothing less than shocking how B.C. schools have had to scrimp for computer labs, teacher training and internet upgrades so students can get fast, efficient access to the web for research and school projects.

O'NEILL: Oil tankers are already plying B.C. waters safely

FACE TO FACE: Should oil tankers be allowed off B.C.'s north coast? Most British Columbians want to see oil-tanker traffic banned off the northern coast of B.C.

NELSON: An oil tanker disaster is inevitable off B.C.'s coast

FACE TO FACE: Should oil tankers be allowed off B.C.'s north coast? If a spotted owl has to move its nest a few hundred metres to allow an upgrade of the Sea-to-Sky highway, most of us are OK with that.

Fix federal election dates

The Editor, Having mixed-party governments is Canadian. Those who don't like it do not appreciate democracy at work in our municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments.

EDITORIAL: Watch your language

There are some words that shouldn't be said in polite society but is it OK to wear them? That's the question in the wake of two recent incidents in which people were excluded for improper language on their clothing and accessories.
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