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BUZZA: Lessons to be learned from a nursery rhyme with the Twelve-Step Journey

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men, Couldn't put Humpty together again.

YORKE: Her boots were made for walking - all over

If these boots could talk, they would have a lot to say. They would tell you about Hong Kong, trudging through mushed-up remnants of street food on skinny side streets. Oh, those little bits of gunk lodged between the cracks in those rubber soles.

A GOOD READ: Big is beautiful in books

A GOOD READ by Andrée Duval As we head into February, the world can seem dull and grey. With a trip to your local library, you can turn the grey to vivid colours.

BUZZA: Taking the 12 steps

Imagine a boy with a kite on a string, the lightweight craft flying freely in the breezy blue sky. The kite is 200 feet above the child's head, waving wonderfully in the wind.

MINTER: Pruning persistance can bear fruit

You really don't have to be an expert to prune fruit trees - all it takes is a little common sense and a few helpful hints.

SIGN ME UP: Winter is time to learn about boating safely

In the cold, wet days of winter, spring, summer and the call of the water seems far, far away. But now is the time to educate yourself if you want to boat safely.

SIGN ME UP: Dancing at Dogwood for fun and exercise

Dogwood Pavilion, the Coquitlam recreation facility for people 50 and older, can help both singles and couples kick off 2011 by dancing towards fitness.

SIGN ME UP: Plenty of help for parents

Parents, are you looking for some support? Or perhaps you're searching for activities for you and your children? Check out the following listings taken from the Parents and Kids section of The Tri-City News' Community Calendar: Breastfeeding or pregn

A GOOD READ: These reads are popular (don't say 'trashy')

A GOOD READ by Jay Williams The inspiration for this column comes from quite a few years ago when I was reading highly readable books that may not be considered high art (I am trying to avoid the use of the word "trashy").
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