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Letter: Fast food smell 'moot' for proposed Port Moody development

If approved, those who choose to move into the mixed-use Port Moody project "will do so with the knowledge" that a drive-thru is nearby, one writer believes.
A rendering of a new six-storey mixed-use project being proposed for St. Johns Street in Port Moody.

The Editor:

Re: Drive-thru could derail 'innovative' Port Moody development, councillors say (Sept. 7, 2023)

I think that Port Moody council is being short sighted on the drive-thru issue.

Not all cars are powered by fossil fuels and with the federal and provincial push towards battery and alternative fuel powered vehicles. Their reasoning for not allowing the drive-thru to remain is flawed.

Also, the issue of the smell from the fast food restaurant to bother some residents is a moot point.

The people who move into the building will do so with the knowledge that there is a fast food restaurant occupying space on the ground level.

Also, Port Moody has allowed multiple developments where there are restaurants, grocery stores and loading docks on the ground level of residential buildings.

I think the mayor and council are being hyper critical of this proposed development.

It is being geared towards a younger demographic and I believe it will breath new and energetic life into the old downtown of the city.

Port Moody is where I grew up in the 60's to the mid 80's.

During my time at Port Moody Senior High, I worked at the old Moon Palace restaurant (currently Lougheed Wonton House) and the past number of mayors and councils have been slowly moving development towards the Newport area and allowing the old historical downtown to languish and deteriorate. 

I think this is the right type of development to breath new life into the neighbourhood.

- Chris Smith, Port Moody