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Letter: Tri-City dog walkers should have limits on number of pooches

"Most people walking their dogs on Westwood Plateau are responsible, but not all."
Leashed dog sign
A Westwood Plateau resident says while some dog owners are responsible while walking their pooches, some aren’t, and that can be very intimidating.

The Editor:

Re: ’Traumatic’ dog attack leads to calls for stronger offleash measures posted to Tri-City News on May 17.

I live on Westwood Plateau. I have been threatened, terrorized and humiliated by dog walkers many times.

They usually have more dogs than they can control weather on-leash or offleash, but most are always off-leash.

One time I was walking down the pavement at the very top, and a large dog came up to me barking, then three more large dogs surrounded me. About 300 feet down the street, the walker was watching, hiding behind a tree.

I felt like I was on the platform at a concentration camp getting off the train.

The walker finally walked up, pretending to call the dogs off. She said I was funny for being afraid of such friendly dogs.

All it takes is one to bite and the rest will join in.

Most people walking their dogs on Westwood Plateau are responsible, but not all.

Dog walkers should be limited to how many dogs they can walk at one time.

I guess if the dogs are on a leash it’s legal, but it doesn’t take much for a walker to “accidentally” let go of the leash.

It’s very traumatizing to be threatened this way. I avoid dog walkers like the plague.

It’s easy to tell which owners have happy dogs and which owners should not have dogs because they are so stressed.

There is very little trail courtesy with dog walkers.

- Cal Gregory, Coquitlam