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Scott Creek in Coquitlam gets an IKEA make-over - with trees

Funded by the proceeds of IKEA Canada's Christmas tree sales, IKEA co-workers and Tree Canada advisors will spend the day at Scott Creek Linear Park planting saplings, trees and shrubs to help restore green spaces in communities where co-workers and

Committee wants PoMo council to look at fire hall loan - again

The city of Port Moody will again consider borrowing millions of dollars from the province to build a new Number 1 fire hall once a task force report into cost-saving measures is presented to city council next month.

MONEY TALKS: Retirement planning is not just about money

There is a direct link between a person's social capital - that is, their level of civic participation and sense of cooperation in the community - and their perceptions of health, according to a 2008 Statistics Canada study.

Pro ready to roll for ERH

Growing up, Ryan Leech always hoped he would make a life for himself in the cycling world. And since that dream has come true, he says he owes a great part of his successes to the local trails and the local hospital.

No debt relief for Spike fest

The Golden Spike Days Society was hoping for a "golden parachute" of sorts when it asked Port Moody city council for thousands of dollars in debt relief last month.

Former Coquitlam mayor gets 2 years probation

The trial of former Coquitlam mayor Jon Kingsbury may have come to an end but the 64-year-old said his legal battle is not over yet.

Tips on qualifying for a mortgage after bankruptcy

I then asked if they had re-established any credit over the past seven years, then braced for the answer I was afraid of. They both looked at each other and then back at me with that all too familiar 'I'm not quite sure what you mean' look.

5.16% tax increase for Port Moody

Port Moody has sent out its property tax notices and payments are due on or before July 4. Port Moody property taxes are up 5.16% over last year, an increase of about $80 for a house with the statistically average assessed value of $519,000.

PoCo author offers customer service workshops and training

Allison, who helped train 4,000 employees from 40 different groups in "The Art of Travel" for the Vancouver International Airport, and 3,200 staff in preparation for the 2010 Winter and Paralympic Games, will provide training in leadership and superv

Weekly green bin pickup starts in PoCo

With gardening season - and maybe warmer weather - here, Port Coquitlam residents will be able to bring their green waste bins to the curb every week for collection starting May 17.
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