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Advance voting starts Wednesday

The general election day is Oct. 20.

Advance voting is one way to make sure you your voice is heard in the upcoming civic elections for council and school board seats.

If you won’t be in town on voting day — Saturday, Oct. 20 — or have timing conflicts, you can take advantage of earlier polling dates.

Advance voting will be available to all qualified electors and will be held from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the following locations:

• Wednesday, Oct. 10: Poirier community centre, 630 Poirier St.
• Friday, Oct. 12: Victoria community hall, 3435 Victoria Dr.
• Saturday, Oct. 13: Dogwood Pavilion, 1655 Winslow Ave. and Pinetree community centre, 1260 Pinetree Way.
• Wednesday, Oct. 17: Poirier community centre.
• Friday, Oct. 19: Pinetree community centre.

• Wednesday, Oct. 10: The Outlet, 110–2248 Leigh Sq.
• Wednesday, Oct. 17: The Outlet.

• Wednesday, Oct. 10: city hall, Parkview Room, 100 Newport Dr.
• Saturday, Oct. 13: city hall, Parkview Room.