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#CQvotes2018: Devan Robertson

Devan Robertson Phone: 604-562-5350 Email: devan.jk.robertson@gmail.
Devan Robertson

Devan Robertson
Phone: 604-562-5350
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: devanrobertsonforcouncil2018


Age: 32

Occupation: locomotive engineer

Coquitlam resident for: 31

Campaign funding: self-funded

Previous community service: as a railway locomotive engineer, transporting many goods to market that our residents rely on in their daily lives.

Name the two most important issues facing the city of Coquitlam?
affordability: People are being squeezed for more of their paycheques than ever before. Density: Unsustainable development is creating a troublesome burden on our infrastructure.

If elected, what steps would you take to improve housing affordability in Coquitlam?
Engage our provincial and federal governments for assistance in providing renters with relief from unfair rent prices and increases. Locally instituted tax for absentee homeowners indexed to housing valuation. Explore European-based council housing system to develop affordable homes for residents.

What do you hope to accomplish as a city councillor?
Providing residents with a government they can trust. We have a responsibility to provide our residents with financial relief at every opportunity. I look to engage with other jurisdictions to facilitate change to a system that is neither fair nor accountable to residents.

How can Coquitlam attract employment opportunities so residents can work in the same community where they live?
We need to provide businesses with incentives for hiring and retaining local residents in the form of tax relief. Potential grants to business property taxes can attract businesses in this regard. Develop advisory council to engage students with local businesses. Coordinate businesses that match with students’ area of study to facilitate in retaining employees down the road.