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Cyclists should be licenced

The Editor, Re. "Should cyclists be licensed and taxed?" (Face to Face, The Tri-City News, Jan. 10). I completely agree with Face to Face columnist Andy Radia on registration and taxing cyclists because some are not obeying traffic laws.

COLUMN: Taxpayer label breeds unneeded tensions

F ew labels irritate me more than that of being referred to as a taxpayer and of having the money governments spend referred to as taxpayers' dollars.

LRT still better than Rapid Bus

The Editor, Re. "Rapid bus as Evergreen link: Moore" (The Tri-City News, Jan. 15). Articulated rapid buses like those currently used in Metro Vancouver have a capacity of 120 passengers.

EDITORIAL: Talking taxes

Engaging citizens in the mundane task of budget setting is difficult for most cities.

EDITORIAL: Burke battle

News that the provincial government is selling 584 acres of land on Burke Mountain to pay off some bills may come as a shock to many people.

More rec centre cost info needed before tax increase

The Editor, Re. "Down or up?" (The Tri-City News, Jan. 17). The 1 to 1.5% proposed tax increase for the aging Port Coquitlam recreation complex and seniors centre was poorly presented in this year's 2014 Budget at a Glance .

Put Duck on plain, old boxes

The Editor, I enjoy seeing the utility boxes in the Tri-Cities with the local photographs on them. The one near the former site of the Wild Duck Inn, however, is just painted green - and with some graffiti on it.

EDITORIAL: Paying in PoCo

The city of Port Coquitlam is projecting a historic drop in taxes this year owing to a number of operational factors that Mayor Greg Moore says will save money in the long run.

COLUMN: BC Assessment rolls out the big numbers

A dmit it, you probably caught your breath for a moment when you reached into your mailbox and grasped that brown envelope from BC Assessment in your fingers.

Trustees, indeed, need financial acumen

The Editor, Re. "Lack of control of SD43 finances" (The Tri-City News, Jan. 15). Thank you, KPMG, for validating what I said nine months ago.
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