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NELSON: Need to tackle the polluters

Individual British Columbians are reluctant polluters. We don't want to drive cars or fly in airplanes that spew out CO2. General Motors, Boeing, Bombardier and others provide us the conduits through which we pollute.

AS I SEE IT: Time to get creative with public transit in Metro Vancouver

What's it going to take to get you out of your car and your car out of traffic? Carrot or stick? Cheap transit fares or expensive gasoline? Free Stanley Cup tickets? Here's another currency TransLink, civic leaders and provincial politicians should t

EDITORIAL: Royal fever

Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam MP and Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore got to hob nob with royalty last week when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine, toured Canada for their first official visit since their wedd

Finally, Coquitlam is closer to banning yard pesticides

The Editor, Re: Pesticide ban on the way in Coquitlam, Tri-City News, July 6 Three years, two denied motions and hundreds of petitions later, Coquitlam is finally getting a draft cosmetic pesticide bylaw.

EDITORIAL: Another option

Port Moody residents are no doubt fuming that the time and money they spend waiting in traffic to get home is not worth much to TransLink.

AS I SEE IT: Press pass gave Hodge entry to the world, homes

The teenager wearing a brand new white leisure suit, stands nervously in the corner of the room clutching a manila envelope filled with hope and 8x10 black and white prints, still damp and smelling like vinegar from the darkroom chemicals.

Voting 'Yes' on HST

The Editor, Re: HST debate and the nature of B.C. Politics, Andrew Holota, Tri-City News, July 1 Let's get our facts correct first and foremost.

Taxes are a burden

The Editor, Re: 2 cents more for gas, July 8, The Tri-City News Taxes keep rising based on anticipated needs. When will brakes be put on? We have no additional cash available to feed political ambitions.

EDITORIAL: Butting out in Metro parks

A few dry days will certainly ramp up the fire rating in Lower Mainland parks making smoking even more risky than usual.

O'NEILL: Doctors will get too much powe

It figures that my big-government-loving colleague would now want to give the state life-and-death power over us. He would deny it, but this power would inevitably be created if doctor-assisted suicide were legalized in Canada.