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NELSON: Get people out of their vehicles and onto transit

FACE TO FACE: Here's a crazy idea: free transit. Would that work? M etro Vancouver should consider moving toward a free public transit system. I know, I know, it sounds way too Scandinavian.

EDITORIAL: Big changes for Tri-City drivers

Hang in there. That's what Port Mann Highway 1 project officials are asking drivers to do in the coming weeks as key components of the Cape Horn interchange and bridge approach are put into place.

EDITORIAL: Speak up, PoCo, on federal riding changes

With a provincial election less than a year away, B.C. politics have understandably been dominating the news agenda. But a large federal issue is looming and Tri-City residents, especially those living in Port Coquitlam, will want to pay attention.

RADIA: Au revoir, Quebec, and no more handouts

FACE TO FACE: If Parti Quebecois wants cash, should Canada let Quebec go? I think I'm part of a growing number of Canadians who are ready to say "Au revoir" to la Belle Provence .

NELSON: Quebec complains but it will stay in Canada

FACE TO FACE: If Parti Quebecois wants cash, should Canada let Quebec go? P auline Marois' sovereigntist Parti Quebecois will likely win next week's Quebec provincial election. "Oh, really?" say most of us. "Merde," spits my melting-pot colleague.

Residents should put the pressure on Coquitlam about Evergreen development

The Editor, Re. "Pressure's on to develop" (The Tri-City News, Aug. 24). The word "parking" was mentioned several times in the article about Evergreen Line proposals.

EDITORIAL: Peace, please, in public schools

After a 2011/'12 school year fraught with tension and concern, the coming one will be a blessing.

EDITORIAL: Border blues

C anadian consumers are heading south for an overnight stay and shopping to take advantage of new cross-border allowances and the high dollar.

COLUMN: Metro Vancouver should narrow its focus

By Jordan Bateman What was once a simple sewer, water and garbage disposal utility has become a bureaucratic, democratically unaccountable spending machine. It's time to move the Metro Vancouver Regional District back to basics.

RADIA: A great way to track time

W hat's your favourite thing about the PNE? In preparation for this week's column, I put that question to several of my friends and colleagues. While most of them mentioned a ride or an attraction, one friend came back with a somewhat obscure answer.