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Think carefully about Port Coquitlam rec centre expansion

The Editor, Re. "PoCo willing to pay for rec centre" (The Tri-City News, Feb. 19).

COLUMN: Digital dialogue is going too far, Mr. Dryer

D o you know what your washer/dryer is doing right now? There's an app for that. Seriously. Little did I know, until a friend enthused how she could monitor her laundry machines via her smartphone. If they have issues, they'll let her know.

COLUMN: 'Get out of bed, get dressed and face the day'

I f you have lived in Coquitlam or driven down Riverside Drive in Port Coquitlam, you probably saw my dad over the years. His name was Vern Jago. Maybe he was chopping wood when you noticed him or mowing the lawn on a hot summer day.

EDITORIAL On balance...

Government budgeting is an inexact science at best but this week's announcement that the provincial government is planning a balanced one is great news.

EDITORIAL: What's next for pink shirts and anti-bullying efforts?

When something subversive yet important is co-opted and adopted by almost everyone, does it still have meaning? Does it still have value? That's the question that can be asked now that Pink Shirt Day (today) has taken hold across North America.

EDITORIAL: Think inside the bargain bin

Metro Vancouverites love a deal. That's why they line up like lemmings to cross the border for savings in the U.S. or drive far out of their way to cross an untolled bridge -never mind the waste of gas and lack of value they place on their time.

On the Senate

The Editor, Re. "Senate scrutiny" (Opinion, The Tri-City News, Jan. 30).

COLUMN: The family physician dilemma demands patience

I had a doctor's appointment earlier this month. Time for my post-40 physical. Even though I had an appointment, I was made to wait a couple hours.

RADIA: V-Day tough on men and singles

D oes anyone really like Valentine's Day? I know my colleague opposite has used his space this week to wax poetically about Feb. 14. But Jim has been married for ages, it's easy for him. Mrs.

NELSON: A quiet dinner and 11 roses...

H appy Valentine's Day, Andy. It's the day we are culturally nudged to express affection for our special someone, and that can only be a good thing.
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