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EDITORIAL: Do your election homework

With three mayoralty races, a few seats left open by incumbents bowing out and a wide range of candidates, from youthful newcomers to seniors, the Nov. 19 civic elections in the Tri-Cities should be among the more interesting in the province.

Taxes and union stance make vote decision

The Editor, Less than a month now before we go to the voting booth to cast our ballots in the municipal elections, I urge everyone eligible to participate in the democratic process.

COLUMN: Salmon mystery needs a complete answer

The battle of the scientists is over. More than 170 witnesses testified. Nearly 2,000 reports and documents were entered as evidence.

RADIA: Tim Hortons: good java and giving, too

FACE TO FACE: Canada vs. America, blue collar vs. white collar, Tim's vs. Starbucks? If you like to drink coffee as much as I do, you have likely enjoyed a good a cup of java at many of the local coffee joints in the Tri-Cities.

What's next for Riverview Hospital?

The Editor, Riverview Hospital is scheduled to close its doors next year.

NELSON: Starbucks: just a better cup of joe

FACE TO FACE: Canada vs. America, blue collar vs. white collar, Tim's vs. Starbucks? For my wife and me, it's not even close. Starbucks coffee is richer, deeper and consistent wherever you buy it.

EDITORIAL: A bridge too far

Turning the old Port Mann Bridge into a park instead of tearing it down is one of the more intriguing ideas to come out of Metro Vancouver.

COLUMN: Family Day holiday will cost small biz dearly

Iconfess: I am a terrible auntie. A close friend had a baby six whole weeks ago and I still haven't found the time to go see the child.

Another perspective on Colony Farm plan

The Editor, Re. "Some perspective on Colony Farm plan" (Green Scene, The Tri-City News, Oct. 7). I appreciate columnist Elaine Golds' detailed account of the Colony Farm Land Use Plan of 1995.

Kudos for kind Port Moody cops

The Editor, While walking on Clarke Street in Port Moody, I came across a group of men all staring into some bushes where a young black bear was hiding.