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Bells used to toll for good reason

The Editor, Re: Battle of the church bells continues in PoCo? (The Tri-City News, July 18) I am disappointed that some citizens equate a church bell with noise pollution.

Flag flap un-Canadian

The Editor, What is happening in Canada? I am not advocating American style flag-waving, but to go after a resident for displaying a flag on the national holiday is going too far.

NELSON: Do we get a gold star for voting, too?

FACE TO FACE: Should lists of voters be published after an election? C oquitlam Coun. Terry O'Neill is getting a lot of buzz over the trial balloon he's floating to improve voter turnout in civic elections.

RADIA: Low voter turnout calls for action

FACE TO FACE: Should lists of voters be published after an election? I have to hand it to former Tri-City News Face to Face columnist, and now Coquitlam city councillor, Terry O'Neill for thinking outside the box when it comes to addressing the probl

COLUMN: Mario, Rossi and the road more travelled

I blame Mario. It is his fault, the alarm that wakes me much too early on Saturday mornings. His fault, the (ahem) snug Lycra shorts I wear, the colourful jerseys I pull over my head.

EDITORIAL: Cheer on Tri-City Olympians

More than two years have passed since Canadians donned red mittens and cheered on home-grown athletes in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

What's worse: church bells or train whistles?

The Editor, Re. "Battle of the church bells continues in PoCo" (The Tri-City News, July 18). I could not believe someone would take on church bells . That sound has long been a symbol of peace, happiness, sadness and even a celebration, as mentioned.

Tear down Riverview buildings, build a university

The Editor, Re. " Develop or protect - what to do with the Riverview Hospital lands?" (Face to Face, The Tri-City News, July 13).

EDITORIAL: What about a Port Coquitlam station?

Finally, an Evergreen Line station location that makes sense. Tri-City shoppers and commuters who plan to rely on the Evergreen Line to get around will be happy to know they will soon be within a quick rapid transit ride of Coquitlam Centre.

Preserve Riverview as public land

The Editor, Re. "Riverview Stories" (The Tri-City News). Kudos to The Tri-City News for the informative and well-written series of stories on Riverview's history and importance to our community.