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Acting MLAs one answer to byelection issue

The Editor, Re. " Action needed " (Opinion, The Tri-City News, May 24). I agree with your editorial that there needs to be more sensible rules about city councillors transitioning to MLAs or MPs.

EDITORIAL: PoCo taxpayers should have a say about surplus

Port Coquitlam had some very good reasons for not handing back $420,000 collected from taxpayers in error last year or using that unexpected surplus to reduce the budget next year.

BC Liberals aren't interested in public transit

The Editor, Re. " No trans. vote " (Opinion, The Tri-City News, May 22). Great editorial but don't hold your breath. it has been obvious for years that the BC Liberals aren't interested in transit.

Highrise a 'blight'

The Editor, Time is running out. If you would like one last glimpse of the "way we were," the Austin Tower is about to mar the skyline.

PoCo surplus should be returned

The Editor, Port Coquitlam collected $442,00 from tax payers last year that it should not have. The money should be returned to tax payers. It is not a surplus. Council has no discretion to spend the money elsewhere under our system of government.

RADIA: Dump Dix and retool message

I'm assuming that the NDP have fired all their expensive political strategists after their humiliating defeat in last month's election. If they haven't, they should. I'm more than happy to give the NDP some free advice.

NELSON: NDP should lose 'nice guy' tactics

So, after their recent provincial election thrashing, where does the NDP.

MACNAIR: Better cycling infrastructure is needed

T he grisly aftermath of a bicycle accident on the Stanley Park causeway last week has left cyclists and drivers alike horrified by the thought.

Improving vehicle efficiency key to reducing emissions

The Editor, Be very careful about touting the use of all electric vehicles. There is no free lunch.

EDITORIAL: Education issues

Education was hardly a burning issue in the provincial election, leaving many educators, trustees and administrators - not to mention parents - scratching their heads.
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