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Coquitlam seniors home declares outbreak, 20 dead next door

One resident has tested positive for COVID-19 at The Madison Care Centre, which is located near Lakeshore Care Centre, where 20 residents have died and 75 patients and staff have contracted the disease
Outbreak sign
A sign stuck to the entrance at Lakeshore Care Centre in Coquitlam, B.C., indicates the site is under outbreak protocols. An outbreak has also been declared at nearby care home The Madison Care Centre.

One resident has tested positive for COVID-19 at The Madison Care Centre, located around the corner from a long-term care facility that has been hit hard by coronavirus in recent weeks.

Fraser Health has declared a COVID-19 outbreak at The Madison facility, located at 1399 Foster Avenue, Coquitlam while at the nearby Lakeshore Care Centre, three more people have died of COVID-19, raising the toll to 20 since the Tri-City News last reported on Dec. 30.

Both the Madison Care Centre, a long term care facility, and the Lakeshore, are owned and operated by The Care Group. 

Now seven residents and one staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 at The Madison Care Centre while as many as 43 staff and 32 patients have tested positive at Lakeshore.

The COVID-19 outbreak at the Lakeshore, located at 647 Gatensbury St, was declared on Dec. 5. It has 56 beds, with 32 subsidized by Fraser Health and 21 under a private pay regime.

The larger Madison, meanwhile has 137 beds, 96 of which are funded through the Fraser Health Authority. 

While the facilities are located around the corner from each other, Fraser Health stated in an email that it is unaware of any connection between the two that might have led to the coronavirus outbreak at the Madison.

According to the health authority, enhanced control measures are in place at The Madison.

Fraser Health is also working with the sites to identify anyone who may have been exposed, and is taking steps to protect the health of all staff, clients, residents and families. 

According to a statement released to the media, Fraser Health has worked with the sites to proactively support staffing levels to maintain care, and has put in place restrictions to visitors and restrictions on staff, client and resident movements in the facilities.

Meanwhile, a Port Coquitlam care home is also grappling with a COVID-19 outbreak. 

Located at 2240 Hawkins Street, Nicola Lodge had been COVID-19-free since an earlier outbreak was declared over June 26. 

However, in mid- December an outbreak was declared by Fraser Health. As of Monday, Jan. 4 there have been 30 patient and 18 staff cases and one death at the facility.