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Mayors' hands are tied over transit funding

The Editor, In light of MP James Moore's admonition that Lower Mainland cities need to provide regional funding in support of the Evergreen Line, it is important to clarify a key fact.

Care enough about your city to keep it clean

The Editor, I am a concerned citizen who cleans up the outdoors on a regular basis. Recently, I have been cleaning the area around Dewdney Trunk Road between Ioco Road and Johnston Street.

EDITORIAL: Reform and remake voting

The harmonized sales tax may not be everyone's cup of tea and voting for or against it comes with its own problems.

Thanks for the help

The Editor, We are frequently awakened in the middle of the night along Pitt River Road in Port Coquitlam by loud, obnoxious and most likely inebriated passers-by on foot.

What a creative night in Coquitlam

The Editor, On May 31, I had the privilege of MCing at Pecha Kucha Volume 3 Coquitlam. What an amazing night. I am bursting with pride that ArtsConnect has been able to bring this unique event to Coquitlam.

EDITORIAL: Biking for all

Tri-City has a long way to go before it becomes a cycling mecca where hopping on a two-wheeler is as common as turning on the ignition.

PoCo must do more about derelict buildings

The Editor, Re. "Derelict buildings an issue?" (The Tri-City News, June 1). Of course derelict buildings are an issue in Port Coquitlam. Just boarding up an abandoned house is not enough.

NELSON: That $30 billion can be better spent

FACE TO FACE: Should peacekeeping Canada be shopping for bomber jets? Don't send Defence Minister Peter MacKay shopping for you - it will cost you a bundle. And besides, Mr.

O'NEILL: Canada needs tools to make peace

FACE TO FACE: Should peacekeeping Canada be shopping for bomber jets? In a perfect world, the Canadian Armed Forces would not exist, guns would magically be transformed into long-stemmed roses and fighter planes would become fluffy white doves.

COLUMN: Silent night a powerful night of remembrance

Causeway Bay is a neighbourhood at the centre of Hong Kong Island and it is always alive with excitement. The apartment my mother and I share there is in the middle of it all.
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