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Steps to saving energy

Port Coquitlam's energy management program is already seeing some success and the city is on its way to achieving its goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 20% by 2017.

Coquitlam RCMP on the hunt for stolen bikes

Coquitlam RCMP are asking for information on two mountain bikes that were stolen last week from a home in the 2900-block of Pinnacle Street. Sometime between 7:30 p.m. on March 17 and 11:30 a.m.

SkyTrain right call for Evergreen Line: audit

The provincial government was right to choose SkyTrain technology to build the Evergreen Line to Coquitlam, but it did so with incomplete information, according to B.C.'s Auditor General.

Port Coquitlam tax hike 3.7% for homes

Homeowners in Port Coquitlam will likely see a 3.7% property tax increase when their bill arrives this year, a jump of approximately $71.25 for the owner of an average single-family home.

Coquitlam appliance store cleaning 1000s of team jerseys for free

Snow flies, sweat drips, bodies crash and bang. That's a typical hockey day in Canada and while Tri-City minor teams may clash on the ice, their jerseys get a little friendlier treatment thanks to a United Boulevard retailer.

Separate your trash in Port Coquitlam's new bins

Most Port Coquitlam residents are accustomed to separating their garbage from recyclables and compost when they are at home and now they can do so when out in their community.

Teacher wants controversial video game developer to reveal himself

Two former Port Moody secondary students are reportedly behind a controversial video that recreates their old high school in a Counter-Strike map where combatants shoot at one another but only one, Aarman Rahim, has admitted publicly that he is invol

Some tips on avoiding, scammers and spammers

n a time where an increasing number of people are using online access channels to make their everyday lives more convenient, fraudsters are also making the move to more sophisticated online scams.

Power savings moderate during Earth Hour Saturday

Saturday's Earth Hour was a bit of a bust in the Tri-Cities with just a modest reduction in energy use, according to BC Hydro. On Saturday evening, the three communities reduced their electricity use by just 1.

Share finds a home for homeless toys

Share's Christmas toys now have a temporary home, thanks to the generous offer of temporary space from a local health products manufacturer.