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Roadside memorial serves as a reminder to us all

The Editor, The last several weeks, spring has appeared. The sun has been shining and spreading its radiant heat. Trees and plants are budding and birds are singing in our midst. But as I step out of the house, I feel the presence of Old Man Winter.

A minority government would be 'icky'

The Editor, In this time of economic uncertainty, Canada needs a majority government even more. There is only one political party with enough support to form government with a clear majority, the Conservative Party of Canada.

EDITORIAL: Betting on gambling in the Lower Mainland

Do casino owners know something everyone else is missing? Is there a limitless source of gamblers in the Lower Mainland? Are destination gaming sites in Coquitlam, Richmond, New Westminster and Burnaby filled to bursting with poker, black jack and sl

What will it take for us to learn about bears

The Editor, Re. "Keep bears and dogs safe" (Letters, The Tri-City News, April 13). Thanks to letter writer Reg Nadort for sharing his story, albeit a sad one.

NELSON: We all celebrate Christian holy days

FACE TO FACE: Should Canada formally recognize Easter's Christian roots? Easter is the Easter Bunny. It is gnawing the ears off a chocolate rabbit. It is, perhaps, brunch and, maybe, a big ham for family dinner.

B.C. government lays roadblocks to adult education

The Editor, Re. "Trustee to ask for red tape relief" (The Tri-City News, April 15).

O'NEILL: Christian roots are democratic roots

FACE TO FACE: Should Canada formally recognize Easter's Christian roots? What have I done? I challenged my colleague this week to a debate on whether Canada - as a society and as a country - should do more to celebrate the contribution the Christian

COLUMN: Justice Denied: Court crisis is an election issue

Health care. Education. The Harmonized Sales Tax. There's no shortage of hot-button issues clamouring for government attention as a possible provincial election looms.

EDITORIAL: The HST race is on

B.C. taxpayers can soon expect a full-court press on the pros and cons of the harmonized sales tax.

You get what you don't vote for

The Editor, Re. "PoMo voters - a few of them - OK borrowing $" (The Tri-City News, April 20). I read with dismay the results of the Port Moody fire hall referendum. Regardless of where a citizen stands on the issue, 9.
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